Evaluation Points and Criteria :

All the nomination forms received by the last date, will be evaluated based on weight-age points matrix and evaluation parameters set up by the knowledge partner.
The parameter shall include but will not be limited to :

  1. Clear and visible leadership and personal responsibility for on-going dialogue with local communities.
  2. 1. A deep understanding of the local issues exemplified through tangible benefits to served/ targeted beneficiaries in overall city/ national building.
  3. 2. Visibility and respect within the groups, community and stake holders.
  4. 3. Engaging the stake holders in making difficult decisions about services.
  5. 4. Inclusivity through taking equality and diversity within the community.
  6. 5. Feedback to the stakeholders about plans and progress including how their efforts and views have been acted on.
  7. 6. Creative solutions developed with the community/citizen groups to support and sustain change.
  8. 7. Different ways of gathering and acting on intelligence gathered from the local community.
  9. 8. Championing the cause and sustainable solution implemented for benefit of target groups/ citizens/ communities.
  10. Winner's case studies will be published in the popularly known magazine simply Jaipur.
    1. 1. Principal Sponsor : Rs.2,00,000/-
    2. 2. Co-Sponsor : Rs.50,000/-
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