Developing community leadership would enable members of a community to draw on the skills and resources they need to take control and improve their lives. The new approach to community leadership building aims to ensure capacity building is an empowering experience for communities engaged in development programs, so that their capacity is sustained after the program ends.

What is the approach to community leadership building?

Nine domains are identified on leadership building. These are areas where there are opportunities for individuals and groups to mobilize themselves for greater control over their lives. Considering these domains encourages strategic planning, implementation and evaluation of programs:

1 . Improves stakeholder participation;
2 . Increases problem assessment capacities;
3 . Develops local leadership;
4 . Builds empowering organizational structures;
5 . Improves resource mobilization;
6 . Strengthens links to other organizations and people;
7 . Enhances stakeholder ability to "ask why";
8 . Increases stakeholder control over program management;
9 . Creates an equitable relationship with outside agents.

The nine domains represent the organizational influences on the community's capacity. They link the inter-personal elements of the community with the program's political, socio-cultural and economic context.

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