The Institute of Leadership Developement (ILD)
The Institute of Leadership Developement (ILD) is a non- profit registered society promoted by the IFCI, a leading Financial Institution in India. ILD is conceived as an integrated centre for teaching, learning, training and research in the sectors of leadership developement. Target group are SMEs, NGOs, social action groups, key developement and the wide sweep of the government sector.
Foundation for Information and Technology Transfer Society (FITTS)
Foundation for Information and Technology Transfer Society (FITTS) is a non- profit group of education lists, scientists, technocrats and quality specialists for spearheading the revolution of Quality, Information System and Technology to small and medium enterprises, Educational Institutions, Govt. Institutions, Social Organizations etc. FITTS is playing a via eduaction, training, interaction and various programs through professionals.
Kamtech Associates Pvt. Ltd.
Kamtech Associates Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Project Management and Consultancy company having world wide presence. Kamtech is the recipient of the prestigious National Award 2009 (First Prize) by former President of India Mrs. Pratibha Devi Singh Patil and National Award 2008 (special Recognition) in service Sector for outstanding performance by Ministry of MSME, Government of India.
Simply Jaipur
SIMPLY JAIPUR a lifestyle magazine circulated in Jaipur and Rajasthan, has been consistently recognized by its readers for its unique name and quality design. SIMPLY JAIPUR Magazine are attracting elite class enthusiastic who want to expend, explore and experience the richness and beauty of the life. SIMPLY JAIPUR'S mission is to bring communities together by providing a powerful and informative media network between its readers in the country and worldwide. Starting from a place like Jaipur which is renowned for its rich culture and one of most famous destinations from the point of view of tourism in India, SIMPLY JAIPUR magazine is targeting not only those people in the fashion or glamour industry, but also people from every walk of life.

Deepak Chaturvedi
Sr. Manager Admin & Business Developement
Institute of Leadership Developement (ILD)
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Anita Gupta
Foundation for Information and Technology Transfer Society (FITTS)
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Ajay K. Gupta
Managing Director
Kamtech Associates Pvt. Ltd.
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Somendra Harsh
Simply Jaipur
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